20 Taka Lottery Draw Result in Bangladesh 2020


20 Taka Lottery Draw Result 2019 in Bangladesh 2020! Cancer Hospital 20Tk POF Lottery Result Draw 27th April, 2019. You can easily check Professor Dr. Obayedullah-Ferdousi Foundation Cancer Hospital and Research Institute (POFF) Lottery 2019 Draw Result from our website. In this content, we will try to update all kinds of Bangladesh 20 TK lottery result 2020. So, staying with us and follow the below content.

 How to check POF Lottery Draw Result 2019?

The 20 Taka POF Foundation Cancer Hospital and Research Institute Lottery Ticket Official Draw Date is 27th April, 2019. After publishing the result, you can easily check POF Lottery Result 2019 by sending an SMS like as below format.

Lottery Draw Result 2020 in Bangladesh

“pof <Space> Series & Ticket Number” Send it To 26969.

Note: POF Lottery 2019 Draw Result Check by Mobile SMS system will be available 28th April, 2019 after 12:00PM.


20 TK Lottery – BCS Lottery Draw 9 February 2019

Bangladesh Cancer Society Bangladesh Cancer Society Hospital & Welfare Home Lottery Ticket-2018 Draw 9 February 2019.

Check: Buy Through SMS Type “BCS” send to 16329 Draw 9 February 2019.

20Tk Lottery FPAB Lottery (Family Planning Association of Bangladesh Lottery) Draw 15 December 2018

To Check Result Type “FPAB Space Series & Ticket Number” send to 26969

Example “FPAB KA1234567” send to 26969

The first prize winner of the lottery is Cha 0448954. The second and third prize winners were respectively KA 0359749 and Jha 0411185. The first prize winner will get cash of Tk 25 lakh, the second prize winner will be Tk 3 lakh and the third prize winner will get 60 thousand taka.

20Tk Lottery – Bangladesh Football Federation Lottery Draw Result

BFF Lottery Draw Date is 26 May, 2018 (It was 5 May but rescheduled to 26 May 2018).

20Tk Bangladesh Red Crescent Society Lottery 2017

Buy ticket through SMS, Type “BDRCS” send to 16226 Ticket will be available till 26 December, 2017 Draw 6 January, 2018.

20Tk Lottery MANAS Lottery 2017 | Draw Result 4 Nov, 2017

Type “MANOS < > Series & Ticket Number ” send to 6969 -If You Buy it From Robi SIM, Then Type “R” send to 16349 to get result (free).

20Tk Lottery Thalassaemia Samity Lottery 2017 | Draw Result 30 Aug, 2017

Check Result through SMS Type “BTS< >Ticket Series” send to 6969.


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